About our Trips

littlegirlOur trips are designed and operated exclusively for the best possible cultural experience through our Spiritual Yoga Journey, Scenic Mountain Trek, Cultural Trip as well as our private customized trips. We provide our guests a unique opportunity to interact with local people and share their cultures through mostly off the beaten trips. We keep our group sizes small (6 to 10 people) and boutique nature in order to provide more intimate and personalized experience.

The average group trips are about two weeks (please see the individual trip itineraries), However, our customized trips can be for any length of time and any number of people. Some of our destinations, particularly in Tibet, the altitude can be taxing until your body acclimatizes, therefore, the shorter trips should be undertaken with caution. Unlike the typical tour groups that we see in the region, our trips are designed with time to acclimate. We schedule our trips in the best season to travel to the Cultural Continent of Himalayas and many of them coincide with spiritual festivals.

nyenchen-thanglhaWe also arrange private boutique trips or customized itineraries for groups, families or individuals during any season. We can cater to special interest groups with a specific focus for example, culture, art photography, architecture, designated pilgrimages, birds watch and so on.

Who should join our group trips?

Someone who wishes to see the Cultural Continent of Himalayas with a native Tibetan; Someone who desires for a meaningful experience rather than being a mere tourist; Someone who seeks adventure through exploring other cultures and environments; someone who expects that traveling to another culture may bring culture shock and knows that traveling requires giving up some of the luxuries of home; someone who understands that plains could change due to political, environmental and other factors that are reality in the region; someone who is healthy and, if over 60-years-old or has a history or current health condition (both physically or mentally) has his/her doctor’s approval to travel to Tibet.

If that is you, you found the right place. Join us for the unique opportunity to explore the place that has inspired awe, curiosity and passion through the centuries: The Land of Snows, Shangri-la, The Roof of the World

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