Eco-tourism and ethical tourism

“Eco-tourism” is a popular concept and its meaning is variously defined. At Tashi Delek Travel, everything we do aims to meet the highest standard of ethical tourism, and we hope to influence the behaviors of the people we work with to benefit their communities and the environment. Tashi Delek Travel aims to travel lightly on our journeys, and to leave only positive traces of our presence behind, literally and spiritually.

namtso_lakeTibet has wonderful landscapes, populated by nomads and farmers who have sustained themselves on the land for generations. It is also now a land that is rapidly changing, both environmentally and culturally. The nomadic lifestyle in particular is under threat due to climate changes, increasing difficulties grazing animals, and the development of townships.

While driving big changes will require action by government and big organizations, we believe in an ancient Tibetan saying: “Every drop makes an ocean.” We founded Tashi Delek Travel to fund a practical mission: Increasing access to education for Tibetan nomads.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Tibet today, but many Tibetans are unable to take advantages of the opportunities it brings due to a lack of education. Many Tibetans cannot read or write in any language; and without a basic knowledge, they cannot hold the jobs that would enable them to engage with tourists more effectively, in restaurants, hotels, or as guides.

We understand that tourism can be either destructive or constructive to local communities, their culture and their livelihoods, depend how it is being conducted.

honeymoonTashi Delek Travel enables our guests to experience another culture by spending real time with local people. Our guests experience the local hospitality and gain a valuable spiritual experience. In turn, our local host-partners broaden their horizon by meeting people from outside their world and understand the demands in tourism industry and develop ideas about how to adjust their lives with modern reality without damaging their traditional culture.