“We have traveled extensively but have never experienced such a personal experience with a country and its people. The sights are unique and itinerary diverse and food a pleasant surprise. We recommend Tenzin to anyone interested in exploring Tibet!”
Bill and Marie — Maine. Cultural Customized Trip, 2007

“Tenzin remained flexible and sensitive to our unique needs as individuals. His judgment was excellent as events got altered always for the better.

“Tenzin provided a unique, intelligent, informative and comfortable introduction to the people, places and culture of Tibet.”
Ben and Joanne — Florida. Cultural Customized Trip, 2007.

“In short, I found the trip to be extraordinary! The stage was set by the generosity, caring, sensitivity, and openness of our guide, Tenzin. The special intimate experiences arranged by him really made the trip exceptional. All members of Tenzin’s local team (i.e., Dawa, our cook, and driver) were easy, helpful, contributing companions on the trip. Experiencing the openness and friendliness of Tibetans on the trip was wonderful. Being in the terrain of Tibet was fulfilling, as Tenzin put it, “This is Tibet – it warms your heart.” And the historical underpinnings of the trip made it something more than lying on the beach drinking alcoholic drinks out of a coconut shell – you felt as if you were participating in something meaningful and important in the history of man. And our group was a very good group, which got along very well together. I found both our visits to the monasteries/temples and our yoga sessions to be a very nice combination of activities. And I particularly enjoyed the humor amongst our group members.

“I can’t say enough about Tenzin. I’ve already commented above on Tenzin. And I think Tenzin’s personal experiences/background which reflected what’s been happening in Tibet over the last 60 years deeply enriched the trip. I’ve been on at least one other group trip (i.e., to Ireland with an outstanding poet and a larger group of maybe 30-40 people), and I found the “aura” surrounding the poet trip leader to be so large egotistically that it dampened the trip for me. I experienced nothing of the kind with Tenzin. (Note: Don’t let this go to your head, Tenzin. Stay just the way you are!)

“If you’re looking for a profoundly different trip in which you feel that you’re participating in the history/experience of Tibet, I highly recommend that you consider one of the trips offered by Tenzin Bhagen. In August 2007 I took Tenzin’s 15-day Spiritual Yoga Journey and found the trip to be simply extraordinary. I’d say what’s required for someone going on this trip is to have an interest in Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism, and to be adventurous. In addition to the Spiritual Yoga Journey, Tenzin also offers a cultural trip and a trekking trip. For more information check out Tenzin’s website at www.tashidelektravel.com. Traveling with Tenzin in Tibet is an exceptionally meaningful experience – it warms the heart!”

Larry — Michigan. Spiritual Yoga Journey, 2007

“Tenzin is extremely generous, creative, trustworthy, honest and resourceful. His ingenuity makes touring with him a total blast and his humble yet strong presence is a reminder of the best qualities a person can have. He took good care of the whole group and led us on a wonderful tour safely and soundly. “
Daniel — Washington DC. Spiritual Yoga Jounrey, 2007

“Traveling with Tashi Delek Travels was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were blessed both figuratively and literally during our two weeks of travels through Tibet with Tenzin and Tashi Delek Travel. Tenzin thoughtfully crafted an itinerary that carried us into the intimate quarters of hermits and monks, through the incense thick temples, and to the pristine countryside. Through every step of the way, Tenzin gauged the mood of the group and adjusted the itinerary as necessary. Our group had a spectrum of travelers from several generations and cultures. Just as intriguing as the sites we saw, were the stories we shared amongst ourselves. The things I learned and experienced in Tibet will stay with me for a lifetime, and, I suspect, the next life too!”

Jennifer — Washington DC. Spiritual Yoga Trip 2007.

“I was truly impressed with Tenzin. His love of his country and his attitude toward his country was very moving. His personal story and his character are admirable. He is an exceptional human being. I believe this was more than just a tour for him as well. It was a special experience. The trip was wisely planned and well executed. There were no real problems and everything we saw was of great interest. The depth of knowledge and the ability to get us “behind the scenes” to see the sky burial, hermit and abbot at Sera Monastery was incredible. He had a gentle way of keeping us moving along. It would have been very easy to fall behind. He was able to adapt to the situation with Jokang Temple and blocked road to Namtso without incident.”
“My main comment is that this is not a sightseeing tour. There are many of those available. This is a spiritual, cultural, physical and emotional journey through a wonderful place filled with gentle, spiritual people. I cannot imagine a better experience.”
William — North Carolina. Spiritual Yoga Journey 2007

“Tashi Delek Travel provided a life altering experience in Tibet. The authentic experience we had in this beautiful and remote part of the world has left us longing for exotic travels.”

“The tour leader was exceptionally dedicated and resourceful. Always willing to accommodate our needs. It was indeed a pleasure to have him as our leader.”
Lily and Joe – Flordia. Spiritual Yoga Journey 2007.

“My name is Di. I am from Australia. I’ve had a fantastic time on this trip. This [at the Namtso Lake] is probably one of my most favorite spots. It is the end of Namtso Lake and very peaceful, beautiful and everything has been just fantastic. The yoga has been great. I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I have. It’s really nice to not only being able to go to these places to see them, but also have the time to meditate and relax, which made the trip really more enjoyable. We had a really great group of people. Everyone was such fun to be with.”
Diana — Australia, Spiritual Yoga Journey 2007 (talking to the camera)

“My name is Lars. I am from San Diego. This trip is great. I definitely recommend this trip to anybody who is thinking about going to Tibet. Not only because of the experience of Tibet, seeing another country and another culture and learning about the history, Buddhism and Tibetan culture and people, but also the yoga, because there is no place like doing yoga in the middle of the Himalayas. It is pretty epic. It is a kind of memory that you treasure for the rest of your life. So, I would definitely suggest that if you are thinking about doing it, you should do it.”
Lars — California, Spiritual Yoga Journey, 2007 (talking to the camera in Tibet)

“If you look around you see how beautiful this country is. Not just the landscape, but people as well–very quick to smile, very gentle, curious and kind. The experience of being here for the entire time, I felt very, very privileged to come here to Tibet, to this very ancient spiritual land, to walk on places that are absolutely miraculous.”
“Tenzin’s way of bringing us around, his patience, understanding and great creativity made this entire trip complete bliss.”
Daniel — Washington, DC, Spiritual Yoga Journey 2007 (talking to the camera in Tibet)

“I am Lily. I am from Miami, Florida. I took this trip out here with my husband Joe to really visit Tibet and to see truly what it is about. We have been completely awed by not only the natural beauty that we see all around us, but by just the people and the spirit of the people.”
“We learned so much about Buddhism and the history of Tibet. It really opened our eyes more than we can imagine. Doing yoga out here has been just the cream of what we all experienced here. As we are sitting here at Namtso [Lake] and seeing its beauty has been absolutely inspiring. We really appreciate the opportunity for coming out here and connecting to Tibet and its people.”
Lily — Florida, Spiritual Yoga Journey 2007 (talking to the camera in Tibet)

“My name is Bud. I am from North Carolina. My goal on this trip really was to have a once in a lifetime experience and, for me, Tenzin and Tashi Delek Travel have fulfilled that goal completely. It certainly would be easy to charter a tour to see all the monasteries and other things, but we’ve got a chance to experience Tibet in a way that few outsiders have the opportunity to experience.”
“We’ve seen many monasteries and nunneries that hundreds of thousands of tourists have seen, but we are probably the only group to experience the hospitality of a hermit who hasn’t spoken for twenty years, or to meditate in a nunnery as the nuns chanting prayers on a special day.”
Bud — North Carolina, Spiritual Yoga Journey 2007 (talking to the camera in Tibet)

“Being a student and having never traveled to Asia, never mind Tibet, it was important to me to have a teacher and a guide who understood, first hand, what the country would be like. Tenzin, a native Tibetan has had years of experience running tours from the United States to Tibet. He has an amazing ability to connect with students as well as the ability to communicate and teach various aspects of Tibetan culture, language, and religion. While in Tibet, I had the confidence to go off and explore on my own thanks to the language lessons that Tenzin had taught me. Whether it was viewing historical sights or climbing Himalayan mountain ranges, I was always felt like I was in trusting hands with Tenzin as a guide. My experience to Tibet was life changing and it wouldn’t have been such a success without Tenzin’s help.”

Lisa — Toronto, Canada

Dear Tenzin,

Thank you so much for the amazing trip and experience. I will treasure it forever….thank you for the monasteries, the nunneries, the hermit and everything you did for me and my family.

Katelyn — Age 15. Pennsylvania. Customized family trip, 2007.

Dear Tenzin,

Thanks for the wonderful vacation. I wish I were still there. I really liked your country. It is amazing. I really liked the rickshaws, the temples. They were really cool, and I learned a lot.
Jake — Age 13. Pennsylvania. Customized family trip, 2007.

In the summer of 2006 I went on a cultural emersion/adventure trip to Tibet
with Tenzin as my guide. As a native Tibetan, Tenzin knew the ins and outs
of the region, and was able to provide each student contacts in order for
the students to research specific topics pertaining to Tibet. I studied
Tibetan medicine and Tenzin found and introduced me to healers and doctors.
I was even able to have a private tour of the main hospital in Lhasa!

Besides providing excellent language, cultural, and religious teachings,
Tenzin is also an outstanding wilderness guide. Tenzin’s calm demeanor and
understanding personility made my first trip to a developing country an
enjoyable and relaxed experienced while his knowledge and enthusiasm about
Tibet sparked my interest and allowed me to fully take advantage of my
dream trip.

Andrea- North Carolina, students trip 2006.